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Clockwork Fairies by

Clockwork Fairies by Cat Rambo


2010 - Cat Rambo - Greg Manchess - Locus Recommended Reading - short story - Tor.com -


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    The Fermi Paradox Is Our Business Model by Charlie Jane Anders
    Looking for Truth in a Wild Blue Yonder by Ken Scholes

    In the Emperor's Garden
    by Shannon Page
    What Doctor Gottlieb Saw by Ian Tregillis

    The Starship Mechanic by Ken Scholes
    Feed by Seanan McGuire
    Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes by Michael Bishop
    A Weeping Czar Beholds the Fallen Moon by Ken Scholes

    Kallakak's Cousins
    by Cat Rambo

    by Benjamin Crowell

    Dragon's Teeth
    by Alex Irvine
    The Courtship of the Queen by Bruce McAllister

    Strange Horizons
    Pleasure Model by Christopher Rowley

    Libertarian Russia
    by Michael Swanwick
    The Wolf Age by James Enge
    Time Considered as a Series of Thermite Burns in No Particular Order by Damien Broderick

    Long Enough and Just So Long
    by Cat Rambo

    Stereogram of the Gray Fort, in the Days of Her Glory
    by Paul M. Berger
    If Dragon's Mass Eve Be Cold And Clear by Ken Scholes

    by Carolyn Ives Gilman
    The Monster's Million Faces by Rachel Swirsky

    Worm Within
    by Cat Rambo
    Canticle by Ken Scholes

    After the Dragon
    by Sarah Monette

    The Exterminator's Want-Ad
    by Bruce Sterling

    Silently and Very Fast
    by Catherynne M. Valente
    First Flight by Mary Robinette Kowal

    Narrative of a Beast's Life
    by Cat Rambo

    Five Ways to Fall in Love on Planet Porcelain
    by Cat Rambo
    The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Eighth Annual Collection  by

    The Far End of History
    by John C. Wright
    Crazy Me by James Patrick Kelly
    Scratch Monkey by Charles Stross

    The Immortality Game
    by Cat Rambo
    Kraken by China Mieville
    Wild Thyme, Green Magic by Jack Vance
    Hespira by Matthew Hughes
    Beauty Belongs to the Flowers by Matthew Sanborn Smith

    Fantasy Magazine

    Yes, We Have No Bananas
    by Paul di Filippo