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    Escape Pod by

    The Best of Michael Swanwick
    The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2012 by

    Brave New Worlds: Dystopian Stories by
    Times Three by Robert Silverberg


    by Mike Resnick

    Scherzo with Tyrannosaur
    by Michael Swanwick

    Subterranean Magazine
    The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2010 by

    Eclipse Four: New Science Fiction and Fantasy by

    You and Me and the Continuum
    by J. G. Ballard
    The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Seventh Annual Collection by

    Patent Infringement
    by Nancy Kress

    Brave Men Run
    by Matthew Wayne Selznick
    When We Were Six by Heather Shaw

    The Fluted Girl
    by Paolo Bacigalupi

    Old Habits
    by Nalo Hopkinson
    Identity Theft and Other Stories by

    A Study In Flesh And Mind
    by Liz Argall

    The Bride of Frankenstein
    by Mike Resnick
    The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume Six by

    Erasing the Map
    by Marissa Lingen

    The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume Three: Something Wild is Loose 1969-72
    by Robert Silverberg

    Under Glass
    by Tim Sullivan
    The New Space Opera by
    The Living Dead 2 by

    The Third Alternative

    I'm Alive, I Love You, I'll See You in Reno
    by Vylar Kaftan

    The Fiddler of Bayou Teche
    by Delia Sherman

    The Nearest Thing
    by Genevieve Valentine

    A Monkey Will Never Get Rid of Its Black Hands
    by Rachel Swirsky
    Dangerous Visions by

    The Blood Garden
    by Jesse Livingston

    Gonzo Laptop
    by Gareth L. Powell

    by Sean Williams

    The Apex Book of World SF by

    The Dark Descent
    Infinities by
    The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2011 by
    The Best of Kim Stanley Robinson by

    And the Hollow Space Inside
    by Mari Ness

    Get Me to the Job on Time
    by Ian Randal Strock

    Five Ways Jane Austen Never Died
    by Samantha Henderson

    Wooden Horse
    by John Grant

    Impossible Dreams
    by Tim Pratt