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Surface Detail by

Surface Detail by Iain M. Banks


2010 - culture - Iain M. Banks - Locus Recommended Reading - novel - orbit - science fiction -


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    Deadline by Seanan McGuire

    Miguel and the Viatura
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    Makers by Cory Doctorow
    The Monster's Million Faces by Rachel Swirsky
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    The Best Horror of the Year: Volume Three by
    Maul by Tricia Sullivan
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    Science Fiction: The Best of 2003 by
    Briarpatch by Tim Pratt
    The Burning Skies by David J. Williams
    Ship of Fools by Richard Paul Russo

    The Djinn's Wife
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    The Night Train
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    Recording Angel
    by Ian McDonald

    Edison's Frankenstein
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    A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold
    Transition by Iain M. Banks
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    by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
    Midnight Never Come by Marie Brennan

    The Big Splash
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    Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks
    The State of the Art by Iain M. Banks

    Vishnu at the Cat Circus
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    Horns by Joe Hill

    As Women Fight
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    Chill by Elizabeth Bear