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The New Dead by

The New Dead by


1st person - 2010 - 3rd Person - Aimee Bender - alcohol - anthology - bible - Bram Stoker nominee - Brian Keene - Christopher Golden - crime - David Liss - David Wellington - Derek Nikitas - Holly Newstein - horror - James A. Moore - Joe Hill - Joe R. Lansdale - John Connolly - Jonathan Maberry - Kelley Armstrong - looting - M. B. Homler - Max Brooks - Mike Carey - military - military veterans - murder - neighborhood watch - novelette - paranoia - Piatkus - PW Starred Review - quarantine - residual intelligence - retirement - revenge - Rick Hautala - romance - sex - short story - slavery - St. Martin's Griffin - Stephen R. Bissette - Subterranean Press - surveillance - survival - Tad Williams - Tim Lebbon - violence - zombie narrator - zombies - zombies as tools -


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  • Child Works

    by John Connolly

    What Maisie Knew
    by David Liss

    by Stephen R. Bissette

    In the Dust
    by Tim Lebbon

    Life Sentence
    by Kelley Armstrong

    by Holly Newstein

    The Wind Cries Mary
    by Brian Keene

    Family Business
    by Jonathan Maberry

    The Zombie Who Fell from the Sky
    by M. B. Homler

    My Dolly
    by Derek Nikitas

    Second Wind
    by Mike Carey

    Closure, Limited
    by Max Brooks

    Among Us
    by Aimee Bender

    Ghost Trap
    by Rick Hautala

    The Storm Door
    by Tad Williams

    Kids and Their Toys
    by James A. Moore

    Shooting Pool
    by Joe R. Lansdale

    by David Wellington

    Twittering from the Circus of the Dead
    by Joe Hill


    Danger Word
    by Tananarive Due


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Personal Effects: Dark Art by Jordan Weisman
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