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The New Weird by

The New Weird by
Starred Review... Lingering somewhere between dark fantasy and supernatural horror, New Weird authors often seek to create unease rather than full-fledged terror. [...] This extremely ambitious anthology will define the New Weird much as Bruce Sterling's landmark Mirrorshades anthology defined cyberpunk.
-Publisher's Weekly


1979 - 1984 - 1990 - 1991 - 1997 - 2008 - Ann VanderMeer - anthology - BSFA nominee - Clive Barker - death - fantasy - homosexuality - horror - Jeff VanderMeer - Kathe Koja - M. John Harrison - Michael Moorcock - new weird - nuclear blast - politics - PW Starred Review - relationships - short story - Simon D. Ings - Tachyon - Thomas Ligotti - vacation - war -


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  • Child Works

    The Luck in the Head
    by M. John Harrison

    In the Hills, the Cities
    by Clive Barker

    The Braining of Mother Lamprey
    by Simon D. Ings

    The Neglected Garden
    by Kathe Koja

    Crossing into Cambodia
    by Michael Moorcock

    A Soft Voice Whispers Nothing
    by Thomas Ligotti


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    The Neglected Garden
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